Video chat with your dog and deliver a treat from anywhere!

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As seen on Shark Tank

Our Story

Meet Brooke Martin who invented and launched iCPooch when she was only 12 years old. It took Startup Weekend, Kickstarter and belief in her dream.

Our story


See what happy pet owners have to say about us. Meet some of the awesome people using iCPooch and let our customers do all the talking!

Customer stories

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Deliver dog or cat treats with your tablet or smartphone from anywhere and use iCPooch two-way video chat. Easy set up and you’re ready to go.

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Video Chat and Deliver a Treat from your Desktop Computer Now!

Brand New! In addition to using your tablet or smartphone, you now can access your iCPooch account and use your desktop or laptop to video chat and deliver treats. Click Here to login to your account and start interacting with your pet!

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iCPooch Demo Video

Questions about how to set up your iCPooch?

Check out these “How To” videos that will show you how to get iCPooch ready to deliver treats to your favorite pooch. Learn how to connect to your wifi router and connect video chat. Set up is easy. 

iCPooch Set Up

Meet this month's iCPooch Pals

If your pooch or kitty is an iCPooch Pal, send your photos to photos@icpooch.com to have them featured on our website. Please include their name and a brief description. Note: not all pals will be featured but many will!

iCPooch Pals

Connect with your best friend from anywhere!

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